Easter weekend – ideas for what to do around a Glasgow home

Easter weekend home maintenance tasks

House maintenance and renovation projects for Easter long weekend

So you’re not going away for the Easter holidays? Never mind, there are lots of ideas for jobs you could do around your Glasgow area property that will keep you busy! And whether you’re a landlord, plan to sell your home, or want to stay for years and years, these tasks can all add value to your home.

Outdoor maintenance tasks for Spring

The winter has taken a long time to go away this year, but Easter 2018 is set to be fine. Cold, but at least not raining! So you will be able to tasks that you can’t do on a wet weekend, but maybe not ones that require warmer temperatures. All these will help your home have great kerb appeal and prevent future hassle in day-to-day life.

Clean out the gutters

Winter leaves will have gunked things up, making leaks and damp more likely, so get them clean. While you’re up there, check for leaks and damage — the rain will be back soon enough. Be wary that frosty conditions might make things slippery. Take all the safety precautions you can when dealing with ladders.

Mow the lawn

The best time to do this will probably be Friday or Sunday afternoon, but this might have to be an opportunistic task. It depends on how wet the grass stays, or if the weather forecast changes. But it is about the right time to start mowing, if you haven’t already.

Start weed suppression

Dandelions and other tough little customers will be starting to really come into their own soon, so get them while they are young and the root system hasn’t fully developed.

Check for frost damage

Frost can heave up flagstones, degrade window seals, and do all sorts of other damage. Check there’s no crumbly putty, flaky paint, or trip hazards to put right.

Indoor maintenance tasks for Spring

Get those windows open, and do a deep clean

Dust builds up over winter when we shut ourselves in from the cold – there’s a reason it’s called Spring cleaning! I know it’s a bit fresh, but allowing air circulation is a great way to keep your home smelling sweet, and help you breathe easier when you do vacuuming and dusting.

Paint and glue

Another advantage to open windows is the fact that you can start decoration projects like hanging wallpaper, trying a new shade of paint on the walls, or doing any similar projects without gassing yourself.

Clean the indoor tools, too

A “secret” to keeping your home from costly damage is the maintenance of your tools and appliances. This also should be done for indoor “tools”, like cookers, washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, and dishwashers. Get rid of trapped lint, gunk, dust, and grease to keep your appliances running for many more years and prevent water, or worse, fire damage!

All of these tasks sound like a lot of work, but there is a simple satisfaction of ensuring your property is in tip-top condition. Add to this the bonus of you protecting and enhancing your home’s value, and your Easter weekend is sorted!

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