How to make your new house feel like home

Moving house is an exciting time, but it’s also daunting. There’s a lot of disruption and then it can take a while to feel at home in your new place.
Here are 7 tips to help you feel instantly at home.
1. Hang up your pictures
Hang your favourite pictures on any left over hooks. They may not be where you will want them to be permanently, but having much-loved and familiar things on the walls says “home” instantly.
2. Find the local takeaway
People are often kind enough to leave new owners or renters a few takeaway menus, and you might not feel like cooking those first couple of days.
3. Give the whole place a clean
The previous occupants might have cleaned up as they left – they might even have had the place professionally cleaned –  but no-one can match your standards, right? Somehow giving your new home a good once-over yourself makes all the difference.
4. Have your friends over to visit 
Even if you’re getting by with just one chair and the minimum of kitchen ware, having a few pals round will help you feel instantly at home. Ask them to bring their own cushions, mugs or even plates if needs be!
5. Meet the neighbours
Knowing someone in the area always helps. Knock on their door, introduce yourself in over the garden fence, say hello in the street. I all helps towards that sense of belonging.
6. Go for a walk
Discover the local park, find out where the bus or subway stops are and check out the local shops. Pop into the local supermarket and note what they do and don’t sell. Area managers tend to stock up according to the local market which can mean a nice surprise or two!
7. Take a tour of your new home
And make a note of everything that you want to do in each room and when. It may be a simple redecorating job that you can start on right away to a major renovation. You’ll feel the excitement as you start to plan it all!