Selling your home in Winter

Although many people think that it is more difficult to sell your property in winter months than it is in summer, there are, in fact, some real benefits to selling your property during winter.
Spring and summer may be the preferred time of year for most sellers, however there are still plenty of buyers around during winter looking to move for a whole number of reasons, meaning less competition for sellers! Winter is also the perfect time of year to take advantage of that snug, family home feeling that is always attractive to buyers. With that in mind, here are our top tips for selling your property in winter:
Make sure your home is “cosy”
It’s cold – and probably damp – outside, so make your home as welcoming as possible to viewers. Turn your heating on – if your house is cold, viewers will be more likely to leave quickly. Light some candles, if you have one, light the fire too. These little tricks will make your home seem cosy and appealing and encourage viewers to stay a little longer!
Turn on the lights
With less natural summer light coming into your home, make sure all of your lights are working and switched on whenever you have a viewing. Natural winter light can be unflattering, so bright, warm coloured lights and lamps will help to show off your property at its best.
Protect your flooring
Wet, muddy shoes are a sellers worst nightmare – nobody wants dirty footprints on the floor when trying to showcase their home. Make sure you have welcome mats at all entrances to the house for people to wipe their feet. On a similar note, try to ensure you and your family remove shoes when entering your house to avoid damaging your flooring whilst trying to sell.
Don’t forget outside
Ensure that all pathways and driveways are clear of mud, snow, leaves and twigs. These are the first area of your home people will see, so it helps to make a little effort smartening them up. Similarly, if you have a garden, ensure that plants and bushes are cut back and any grassy areas are as neat and mud-free as possible.
Stop for Christmas
If at all possible, stop taking viewings over the Christmas period. Decorations and a tree will take over your living room, preventing you from showing the space at its very best. Additionally, a short break for Christmas will allow you to rest during an already hectic time of year!
If you’re looking to sell your home, get in touch with one of our sales team, who will be more than happy to have a chat with you, and begin the sales process!