Top 10 tips to make a success of viewing a property

These tips apply whether you’re a first-time buyer or seasoned property owner. Buying a property is a significant investment, so it’s best to be thorough.
1. View the property more than once
The more you look, the more likely you are to spot any issues.
2. Don’t get attached too early
Let your heart rule your head and you might miss potential problems.
3. Shift furniture around
Just in case the seller’s hiding something under that rug or behind the sofa.
4. Cast an eye over the building structure
Inside and out – for signs of damp, cracks in walls, missing roof tiles or dodgy guttering.
5. Nosey around for unusual odours
Damp, blocked drains and cracked sewage pipes can all smell bad.
6. Try out taps, windows and electric switches
What’s the water pressure like? Are there any wiring problems? Do the windows all open?
7 .Take your time viewing a property
Does it fit your lifestyle? Is there room for all your stuff?
8. Check what’s included in the sale
Ask about fixtures and fittings, garden boundaries, parking spaces and rights of way. Get it all down in writing.
9. Research the area
Visit at different times of day – when pubs close, during rush hour or the school run.
10. Get a proper house survey
In Scotland, you get one with the home report.