Freshen Up Your Conservatory

If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory, you’ll know that it can become the most used room in the house. And that means it can need a revamp more often than other rooms. Whether you need to give it a complete makeover or just add some oomph, here are some ideas.
1. Plant Power
A conservatory bridges the gap between house and garden. Make is an oasis of calm with some stunning plants, but also think of floral wallpaper, to underline the garden theme, if you have a wall that will take it. Flowering, scented plants like jasmine will add to the relaxing ambience.
2. French Chic
Go for a minimal look with whitewashed, natural wood, natural tones and organic greens. Get rid of the clutter – think Coco Chanel who famously espoused removing one accessory from your ensemble before going out.
3. Cosy Comfort
Cushions are a cheap and easy way of freshening up any space. Give existing cushions new covers or indulge in some new ones. Depending on how much space you have, you might want to consider investing in a day bed. They’re ideal for that afternoon nap of just as a sofa.
4. Be Bold
A bold wallpaper print will not only make the space more vibrant but also make it more expansive – that’s if you have the wall space for paper. If you don’t, be bold with accessories. Add bright touches with cushions, plant pots or table cloths.
5. Treasure Trove
Another easy way to update a conservatory is through ornaments, sculptures, and framed prints. Be eclectic, go vintage and be an individual. It can expensive if you start from scratch so take your time to track down your treasures.