2018 design trends to add sparkle to your home for sale

design, painting and decorating colour palettes

Landlords and home sellers take note!

We all love some design inspiration – and what is better than if it also adds to the value of your home if you’re thinking about selling or renting it out?

Or maybe you just want to breathe some life into your pad that you plan to stay in for a while. We’re going to take you through some of the more eye-catching trends for 2018.

Pinterest interest

Pinterest is a great place to look for trendy interior designers showing off their abilities. Take some home decoration and style inspiration from those on the cutting edge, then mould it to suit your house or flat’s particular ambience. It’s important to understand where the light is coming from, for example, to realise how colour palettes will work for you.

But the best part is just drinking in the creative and gorgeous home style looks!

Hallway gallery

The asymmetrical layout of these differently-sized photo frames adds impact, as does the choice of monochromatic prints against a grey background. Using the odd-shaped spaces in your home is becoming more and more useful as living space gets smaller, and creative layouts like this make it feel like a home, not a museum.

Break the design rules, but do it with panache

Certain colour combinations were always forbidden, like blue and green together. But as this pin shows, there are ways. A chandelier in the kitchen? Why not! The old rulebook – dark wall colours were bad in British homes, ceilings and skirting should always be white – is being torn up. But be careful you maintain a balance and keep gloomy corners well-lit.

Low contrast colours

When it comes to pairing our soft furnishings with our wall colours, this year’s bang on trend is for similar tones so that sofas, beds, and chairs almost blend in. You have to admit, it does have a certain something.

Staging your home

Decluttering is definitely important, but making your home look lived-in is important if you want people to buy or rent it. It’s much easier to see yourself curling up on this sofa than if there were no cushions or bric-a-brac present.

Painting furniture

This is a brave move, as it’s hard to go back, but it looks especially good on classic wood furniture. Chalk paint makes a dramatic and eye-catching change to otherwise dark and heavy pieces. Just make sure you’re not going to change your mind or your gran’s credenza might take some money in restoration costs!

Wall effects

Get your walls to look amazing without breaking the bank with special effect wallpapers and vinyl stickers. Take your time and prepare the wall to make sure that they stick properly – make sure you get any grease off first.

Less is more

Pinterest and other social media apps like Instagram are a great place to look for younger, trendier ideas than you’d get even in home design magazines. But don’t try to do everything if you’re looking to sell or rent out. Maximal looks are okay if design students will be living there, but most people prefer a comfy, cosy living space. And don’t forget to check out our 10 low cost tips to increase your home’s sale price!