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What repairs do you need to make as a landlord?

Landlord repairs: are they your responsibility? Taking care of your tenants as a landlord is not just good business sense, it’s also the law. If you’re a landlord in Glasgow (or Scotland as a whole), you should be adhering to the government’s repairing standard. Renting out a property can be demanding. There are a lot […]

5 quick ways to make a project house feel like home

Get problems sorted fast and live easier A project house that needs refurbishment is often an affordable way to get on the property ladder or to get a bigger house than you already have. But if you’re living there while you fix it up, problems like damp, dusty carpets, and tired décor can make your […]

Landlord insurance – why you need it and how to get it

Protect yourself and your tenants from danger! Landlord insurance is different to ordinary home insurance, and you’ll need it if you’re thinking of renting out your property. When you are setting up as a landlord, there are a lot of different considerations, as we said in our previous blog post on landlord basics. We briefly […]

House price factors that affect you selling or buying your home

When it comes to a Glasgow house price, you could easily say: “location, location, location”! But there is a little bit more to it than that. If you’ve already bought your house, then some of these are already outside of your control, but this will help you place it on the market. If you’re looking […]

Selling your home? Don’t forget to move your broadband!

Selling up and moving home is a big task, and it’s easy to forget the details like “When will my broadband get connected?” Don’t leave it until the big day! House sales checklist: Broadband switch over There’s nothing more painful than realising the previous owner of your new house was an internet refusenik and connection […]